BTS talked about their new music on NTV Sukkiri


BTS sang Stay Gold after answering a few questions about his career, success, and upcoming recordings. The BTS members had an interview and a musical presentation on Japanese television.

BTS will release their new Japanese album today , a material that has been highly anticipated by fans in that country, but idols have received the support of ARMY around the world, so you can’t miss what they said in their last interview .

RM announced that his album is now finished, so that soon his followers will be able to enjoy it. The first song that BTS revealed for his next record production was Stay Gold , so Jin recommended to listen to the chorus of this melody, because ‘Stay Gold’ is a phrase that is constantly repeated, he thinks that it will be inevitable to have it in the mind throughout the day.

The members of the group were asked what they think about becoming world stars , but Suga confessed that sometimes it does not feel like something real, however he and his colleagues are very happy due to the impact of their music on the fans.

The group also spoke about their appearance in the GRAMMYs , pointing out this event as a dream, however, the members agree that the most important thing is to have their faithful followers, so it does not matter if it is a large or small stage, they will show the best of themselves .

In addition , BTS pointed out to the group member that they think he shone the most during Stay Gold and, while J-Hope said that he was Suga , other members like Jin, V and Jimin voted for themselves, giving the show a fun moment.

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Finally, the members of the idol group confessed that celebrating a new FESTA was really significant for them, because as time progresses they get to know each other even more to the extent of having become a family .

If you missed the participation of BTS on NTV Sukkiri , you can see the interview and presentation of Stay Gold below:

BTS has already released what the second single from their upcoming album sounds like, the name of their new song is Your Eyes Tell and the boys recently sang it on television.


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