BTS surprises with new records on YouTube, Spotify and Weverse


BTS surprises with new records on YouTube, Spotify and Weverse. The support of the fans have led them to obtain these figures.

There is no doubt that BTS’s fandom shows their unconditional love for their favorite idols, leading them to gain great recognition around the world thanks to the support they always give to the musical releases they perform. For that reason, the list of BTS records continues to grow in different areas.

Recently, the video for ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film reached and exceeded 8 million likes, despite being uploaded to YouTube just over a month ago. With this achievement, this clip from ‘ON’ became BTS’s sixth music video with those likes, being the only group that has reached such a figure in that number of videos.

On the other hand, the group’s most recent record release, ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ has reached 1,200,000,000 views on Spotify , making it their fourth album to reach this incredible brand.

But the musical aspect is not the only one in which BTS manages to shine, his Weverse account has exceeded 4,000,000 followers . This is the platform that boys have used the most to communicate with their fans since the quarantine began, so nobody wants to miss their updates. Are you already following them on that platform?

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