BTS surprises by announcing new Japanese album,’BTS, The Best’


Wow, ARMY was taken by surprise completely, since this March 25 the group of Kpop BTS. Wow, ARMY was completely taken aback , as on March 25, the Kpop BTS group announced that it will be releasing a new album.

The idol group shared the arrival of their new Japanese album entitled ‘BTS, The Best’ , which would be released on April 16. Several days after the release of the song ‘Film Out’ , scheduled for April 2.

The song ‘Film Out’ is the official theme of the new Japanese action film ‘Signal The Movie’, a story derived from the 2018 Japanese television show and based on the Korean drama of the same name, which aired in 2016.

This new BTS song was co-composed by Jungkook from BTS and will be the second single from the Kpop group for the ‘Signal’ franchise , due to the fact that BTS ‘s ‘Don Don’t Leave Me’ also appeared on Jdrama.

Oh, but the surprises for ARMY don’t end there. Since the new Japanese album ‘BTS, The Best’ will feature 22 Japanese songs on two discs.


  1. FILM
  2. DNA – Japanese version –
  3. Best of Me – Japanese version –
  4. Lights
  5. Blood, Sweat and tears – Japanese version –
  6. FAKE LOVE – Japanese version –
  7. Black Swan – Japanese version –
  8. Airplaine pt. 2 – Japanese version-
  9. Go Go – Japanese version –
  10. IDOL – Japanese version –
  11. Dionysus – Japanese Version
  12. MIC DROP – Japanese version


  1. Boy With Luv – Japanese Version-
  2. Stay Gold
  3. Let Go
  4. Spring Day – Japanese version
  5. ON – Japanese version
  6. Don’t Leave Me
  7. Not Today – Japanese version –
  8. Make It Right – Japanese Version-
  9. Your Eyes Tell
  10. Crystal Snow



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