BTS surpasses Taylor Swift on Spotify with Dynamite theme


The Bangtan Boys set a new benchmark on Spotify after beating Taylor Swift’s Cardigan for the biggest Spotify debut of 2020.

There is nothing stopping BTS this weekend. The Bangtan Boys are breaking records and setting incredible benchmarks with their new song Dynamite. The colorful music video released on Friday and in 21 minutes, the song surpassed 10 million views.

If that wasn’t staggering enough, the English track claimed the spot for the most viewed video in the first 24 hours since the video’s release with over 101.1 million views. On the audio front, Dynamite secured first place on iTunes charts around the world after its debut.

Now, ARMY has helped the Bangtan Boys set a new record, previously held by Taylor Swift. According to Soompi, Dynamite has surpassed T. Swift’s Cardigan to become Spotify’s biggest debut in 2020.

Swift held the record with 7.742 million views. However, ARMY helped BTS achieve their biggest debut record this year with an impressive 7,778,950 streams on their first day. As a result, the song Dynamite debuted at # 1 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 daily chart for August 21.

What does BTS’s Dynamite mean?

Speaking about Dynamite, BTS leader RM told USA Today that his intention was to spread positivity and happiness. “We have been through all the sadness and despair, but with this song and performance, we just hope that the world becomes more positive and happy. That is our goal,” said Namjoonie. We have never been happier this year and we are sending love and prayers to the members of the South Korean group!

Dynamite not only gave fans a lively track, but it also gave a nod to numerous musical legends. One of which was Michael Jackson. Some of his iconic dance moves appear in the video and his nephew loved it. Do you think BTS will keep getting more achievements with Dynamite? Did you like the MV for this song?

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