BTS: Suga’s physical quality that will steal your heart


There is a physical trait of Suga, which reveals his personality, something that will undoubtedly make you love BTS’s idol even more.

Min Yoongi, better known as Suga, has some traits that speak of his personality, the BTS rapper is one of the most experienced musicians in the middle of the music industry, at his young age he has many songs registered under his identity, he has collaborated with great international and South Korean artists.

Suga uses many electronic tools to bring his tracks to life, as well as having a large recording studio to experiment with styles, mix sounds, and finally share his songs with the public that admires him and faithfully follows his career as a solo artist and as a member of BTS.

There are some physical characteristics that define Suga, such as his extremely white skin, his gaze, the shape of his smile, his adorable height and other curiosities that are part of his anatomy, but there is a part of his body that is visible from the public. and he talks a lot about Agust D.

Suga’s physical trait that defines his personality

The performer of ‘Daechwita’ has very big hands, a quality that always accompanies him wherever he goes and that he reveals in all his activities on and off stage.

Suga’s hands measure approximately 19 cm and according to scholars on the subject of the meaning of physical characteristics, the hands of the BTS idol indicate someone with a creative personality, who likes to experiment, supportive, strong, focused and who always seeks to improve in what it does. Do you think these elements suit the personality of the BTS rapper?

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Suga’s fingers are very defined, long and thin, Min Yoongi likes to keep his nails clean, neat, his veins are also marked and due to his skin tone, his knuckles are usually red.

In some videos that circulate on the Internet, you can see how the idol from the city of Daegu takes his cell phone and can perfectly hold it together with one hand. OMG!

Another BTS member who has great limbs is the Golden Maknae, since Jungkook’s hands are 18.8 centimeters, which refers to a person who has no problem socializing, likes to compete and always win.

ARMY, how much do you know about BTS idols? Can you recognize the BTS members by their hands?


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