BTS: Suga’s most adorable data Oww!


Suga, the idol of BTS has stolen the heart of ARMY and with these adorable data you will understand why.

Suga is the most ‘moody’ member of BTS. He has been transparent in dealing with issues like depression and social anxiety because he wants to assure fans that they are not alone in their struggles. This honesty, along with a shy demeanor, has made Suga one of the group’s most beloved artists.

Suga, born Min Yoon-gi, wanted to be a rapper since he was a teenager. He claimed that he was “tricked” into joining BTS in 2013, but has since expressed his gratitude for the place the group has provided him. He has used his music to spread positivity and talk about topics that most K-pop stars have avoided.

Suga an honest composer

In his 2016 solo track “The Last,” Suga delves into the dark side of fame and the ways the media can amplify personal demons. He told Yonhap News that the song reflected a more intimate approach than some of his contributions to BTS.

“Anxiety and loneliness remain forever,” he observed, “and how you choose to make peace with them, that takes a lifetime of consideration.”

BTS idols Suga told the outlet that his writing process has improved since he allowed himself to write from the heart. “Every situation and every moment, the feelings are so different, that’s why I think life is where you constantly contemplate it,” he said.

“So through the lyrics, I wanted to convey the message ‘I’m restless and so are you, so let’s try searching and studying together.

Suga and his basketball dreams

Suga has various hobbies and interests when he is not recording. The BTS idol is a huge basketball fan, so much so that he hoped to become a professional player when he was in high school.

The K-Pop Herald claimed that Suga was in a motorcycle accident when he was a deliveryman and his shoulder injury sabotaged his goals. His nickname “Suga” is a nod to the first two syllables of his basketball position: escort in Japanese.

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Suga has no time for romance

The BTS rapper has made it clear that he doesn’t have time to pursue romance. “This is because we are newcomers,” he told the Beatles Code. “If we distract our attention, we will not be able to concentrate properly. You would understand if you walked in our shoes. We really don’t have time. ”

Suga, the grandfather of the group

Suga is considered the “old soul” of BTS. Jungkook told reporters that Suga behaves like a man three times his  age when they go out. “An old man with an overflowing passion for music,” Jungkook joked. “Very knowledgeable, but still an old man.”

RM had a similar opinion, nicknamed Suga the “grandfather” of the group. “If you get to know him, he’s really smooth,” explained the rapper. “He knows a lot of random things, a grandfather who likes music. Passionate and persistent. You can say what you want and what you don’t want directly. ”

Suga doesn’t want tattoos for a noble reason

Suga also differs from his fellow BTS members when it comes to tattoos. He told Grazia that he doesn’t want to get a tattoo because he doesn’t want to be held back from certain commercial companies as he gets older. “There is something I want to do in the future,” he said. “I want to do charity work, but tattoos can be seen negatively, so I’m holding back.”

Suga has a bright future

Despite his reserved personality, Suga is looking forward to BTS’s future. He told Variety that he couldn’t wait for people to hear his new album BE (Deluxe Edition) and scoffed at the possibility of more English-language music like “Dynamite.”

“Dynamite was a special case,” he explained. “You cannot predict what will happen and the things that we will do. We cannot say with certainty what we will do in the future. Things change, circumstances change. If we see that there is reason enough to do something, record in English or something else, we will move forward with that decision. “


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