BTS: Suga what do you like to spend your money on?


Find out what Suga from BTS, who is one of those who has a strong fortune thanks to music, enjoys spending his money on.

Suga is one of the members of BTS, who has stood out for mentioning a phrase that says I wanna big house, big cars and big rings / I want a big house, big cars and big rings, which is part of one of his songs.

It should be noted that Suga has been able to make the debut rap line a reality thanks to his constant effort, talent and artistic skills, which together with his incredible charisma make him a unique star.

As for Suga’s fortune, it is known that one of the sources of income is music, since the interpreter of ‘Strange’ has accumulated an economic heritage of approximately 8 million dollars, this amount represents 13 percent of what BTS generated in a year, counting the sale of tours, merchandise, concerts, records and collaborations.

As if that were not enough, BTS’s Ming Yoongi also generates money with his solo works, as arranger, producer, model and lyricist, we are talking about the idol receiving royalties from the songs he has registered as his own.

It seems that Suga is a smart boy, so he has put his money to work with some important acquisitions, such as the purchase of an apartment in the luxury area called UN Village, with a value of more than 3 million dollars, paying the counted by this house.

What does Suga spend your money on?

BTS’s Suga has revealed that what he spends the most money on is electronic items to make music, synthesizers, microphones, consoles and mixers, which, looking at it, is more of an investment for his work as a musician, spending more than 200 thousand dollars. .

But that’s not all, since Suga spends on clothes, but the Bangtan Boys rapper has a very comfortable and simple style, which is based on basic colors like black, gray, white and beige, some of his favorite brands. They are: Suprime, Gucci and Balenciaga… Do you think Suga has a good dress style? Do you like Suga’s rap?

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