BTS: Suga the “cutest man” on Twitter


Suga is one of BTS’s favorite idols and now ARMY has flooded Twitter claiming that he is “the most handsome man”

The popularity and fame of BTS idol Suga knows no bounds as he has played a gigantic role behind the success of the BTS boy band. Together with Jungkook, they have taken the band to unimaginable places and some of their best contributions to BTS are songs like First Song, Swagger, All Night, Give It To Me, Seasaw, Dream Money, and many more.

The world knows that Suga is extremely talented as a musician. But what stands out from his battalion of fans around the world is his attitude and his unique style of sporting long hair with earrings that certainly make him a “hot guy” in the truest sense of the term.

Suga a talented and attractive man

Twitter has gone crazy to see Suga’s new look and a section of netizens who are fans of K-pop feel that Suga is the most attractive man there is.

BTS rapper Suga faced a lot of difficulties before his debut, so he has gained recognition and success for his talent, but also for his charisma, personality, and of course his style.

The history of idols is not always simple, in fact, most of them have to face and overcome great difficulties before being able to debut, their strength to achieve it lies in the great desire they have to succeed, since they know that only by staying strong and trying their best they will achieve their dreams.

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Although there are several idols who have experienced situations of this type, Suga is one of the most prominent, since this rapper took it upon himself to climb step by step to obtain the recognition he was looking for and even managed to exceed his own expectations, because now he has stolen the heart of the ARMY, who assures that Suga is the “most handsome man”.

But readers, do you all agree with this line of thinking? let us know your opinions in the comments.


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