BTS: Suga talks about the success of the song Dynamite


Suga opens up and reveals what he thinks after the success of Dynamite, BTS’s English hit.

BTS’s newest song, Dynamite, has taken the world by storm. The song was able to set a new record on the Spotify platform with 12.6 million views in 24 hours since its release last month.

The seven-member band also shared the meaning of the latest song for them on the For The Record podcast, titled “BTS: The Band, The Brand & The ARMY.”

This is what Suga from Dynamite says

The BTS member believes that his latest song is interesting and easy for anyone of any generation to enjoy. Especially in this situation, the group wants to create upbeat songs with uplifting lyrics.

“We are very happy because people enjoy this song and get energy from this song,” Suga said.

Meanwhile, V also thanked his fans, ARMY, who he said was the reason why BTS keeps working.

“Their energy and support is what drives us forward. So they, our ARMY, our fans, are the best part of this job,” he said.

Suga, rapper of BTS, revealed on her reality show “In The Stop” that Dynamite, before it came out, was a happy song with a message of confidence and happiness.

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