BTS: Suga shows off his cooking skills in “In The Soop”


In the new episode of ‘In The Soop-BTS Edition’, Suga fell in love with the ARMY after making breakfast.

In this episode of “In The Soop”, Jin started his piano practice from the morning when J-Hope and Suga woke up to the sound of the piano. As expected, RM went straight to the river to read a book and Suga made coffee to drink.

RM had his coffee and went out to the bench by the water to read his book. RM said: “What I like most about this place is that I can read my book while looking at the scenery. When I was trying to read books in Seoul, I was trying to find a park to read my book. I put on the mask and struggled to breathe a little. of outside air, but I like how I can feel the outside automatically. ”

While RM was reading his book, Suga decided to make the members’ breakfast. For breakfast, he decided to make kimchi fried rice. Suga started making fried rice in a cast iron cauldron lid, but realized that he had put more pork than rice. As breakfast was being completed, V called RM and Jimin for breakfast.

Suga is bad at cooking?

J-Hope was surprised by the amount of rice Suga had made and asked, “How are we going to move this lid to eat?” in which Suga, also called Agust D, suggested, “Let’s eat here.” The members gathered around the cauldron as they grouped together. They all enjoyed their breakfast as they scraped the crusted rice from the pan.

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Afterwards, the youngest member Jungkook decided to make a dessert for his older brothers. Peel some apples and start cooking some French toast. He served egg on toast and fry it in the pan. Lastly, he drizzled in some sugar. J-Hope stood next to Jungkook and tasted the first toast. J-Hope congratulated Jungkook by saying, “Wow, that’s delicious” and went to toast Suga and Jin, who were playing at the time.

After lunch, all of the members got together to work on their music. Jungkook stated, “I opened the door and heard a melody, so I made the lyrics for the song. I really hope the song can be used as an OST for the show ‘In the Soop.”

Suga had brought his equipment to produce music, he said, “We got together to make music together, so I brought my equipment.” And J-Hope replied, “It’s been ten years together, I think it’s the first time we make music like this so naturally.”


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