BTS’ Suga Sets New Record on the Billboard


BTS’ Suga managed to set a new record on the Billboard 200 chart as a South Korean solo artist. Using the stage name Agust D, on May 22, 2020 Suga released his second solo mixtape entitled ‘D-2’.

Now Billboard announced that the ‘D-2’ mixtape was ranked 11th on the Billboard 200 chart for week 6 June 2020. With this achievement, Suga managed to set a new record as a Korean solo artist who ranked highest on the Billboard 200 chart.

Suga broke the RM BTS record which was previously ranked 26th with a ‘mono’ mixtape released in October 2018. Billboard 200 is a music chart that calculates physical, digital and streaming music album sales in the United States.

Previously Suga also managed to set a record on the UK Official Chart which ranked 7th with the mixtape ‘D-2’.

Congratulations to Suga!

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