BTS: Suga reveals why they are NOT interested in girls


Suga as well as BTS members revealed that they are not interested in girls at the moment

Suga never reveals the reasons why BTS members are not interested in getting close to girl groups, especially when they first debuted on “Beatles Code.”

During previous episodes, the group touched on the reason why they are not interested in approaching any girl groups, and the singer delved into this and shared that they do not want to be distracted and only want to focus on the music.

“This is because we are newcomers. If our attention is distracted, we will not be able to focus properly,” said the owner of the name Min Yoongi.

Not only that, Suga also shared that they have never been around any singers after their debut, so the possibility of them getting close to a girl group is not even possible.

Even after a long debut, BTS also had a hard time getting close to the opposite sex. In 2018, Suga once revealed that he didn’t want to think about love.

He admitted that he does nothing in life other than work. At the time, Suga shared that they wake up in the morning to work almost 24 hours before having to repeat the same schedule again.

“You will understand if you walk in our shoes. We really don’t have time. Like today. Our work ends in the morning, but we have to get up early to train again,” he said in an interview with ELLE Girl Russia.

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BTS no time for love

BTS’s Jimin added that the members don’t have time to date due to their busy schedules and lifestyles. Even if they were dating, it would be very different from a normal relationship.

“I don’t think we can date someone. We don’t even have time to meet our family members. Our lifestyle is very different from everyone else. Even if we are in a relationship, it is not like a normal relationship,” he said. .

ELLE Girl Russia explained that right now neither member has a girlfriend and no one wanted to go on a date.

They also emphasized that BTS ‘lifestyle may seem lonely, but they are loved by fans around the world. It should be mentioned that this year, he has an increasingly busy schedule, so maybe it is true that Suga and Jimin do not have time to think about love.


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