BTS: Suga reveals inspiration behind Spring Day lyrics


BTS: Suga and the rest of his classmates shared interesting facts about many of their hit songs, including Spring Day and Fake Love.

KBS’s Immortal Songs celebrated BTS’s producer Pdogg’s biggest hits, so various artists, including Sunwoo Jung-A, Son Seung Yeon, Song So Hee, Yook Joong Wan Band, Goon Jo, and ALiEN, and BAE173, covered songs. from BTS as part of the special episode.

While fans were delighted with the covers, the BTS members showed their support for Pdogg by sitting down for a special interview as part of the episode.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook got together to talk about the songs and share interesting information behind the songs featured in the episode.

Suga talks about BTS’s hits

Of the many songs featured in the episode, BTS and ARMY saw gukak (Korean traditional music) singer Song So Hee perform “Spring Day,” so Suga and RM revealed that the song was based on their own experiences in their personal lives.

As reported by Soompi, Daechwita’s hitmaker said, “Doesn’t everyone have an experience where they were separated from their friends?”

RM recalled that when he was young, he would hang out with friends and go to Internet cafes, who were precious people to him. However, after moving to Seoul and becoming a Big Hit trainee, those memories began to fade, “I wrote the song with my friends in mind,” he admitted.

He added, “I wrote the song while I was at Hangang Park in Yeouido. I sent it to Pdogg and Bang Si Hyuk afterwards, and Pdogg said, “It sounds good, but I can’t tell from your singing.” It was a bit shocking, but the results were good anyway. ”

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Taehyung contributed to add that before RM and Suga, he wrote the lyrics for the song. “Pdogg said it was really good. I got my hopes up and asked him how he was doing a few days later and he said he agreed with RM’s lyrics,” he revealed.

As the episode progressed, the ARMY saw Sunwoo Jung A perform with Fake Love which was performed by the septet at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

Mochi revealed that before the performance, he was so nervous that he almost threw up. BTS also admitted that since the song was sharp and it was a live broadcast, the song was difficult to perform live.


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