BTS: Suga reveals how strict he was in high school


Suga, the BTS rapper, recounted how popular he was in high school due to his strict personality.

Not long ago, BTS’s popularity soared after successfully topping the charts at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks with their new single, Dynamite.

The famous K-Pop group has successfully won the hearts of tens of millions of ARMYs around the world with their extraordinary music and performances.

BTS has received many invitations to participate in South Korean television shows, a great opportunity for fans to get to know them better, especially Suga.

In fact, many fans re-uploaded several appearances of the famous K-Pop group at the beginning of their debut. One of them was when BTS was invited to the Beatles Code program in April 2014. This old video managed to attract the attention of ARMY.

Suga talks about his strict personality in high school

This time, Suga talked a lot about herself and her school days. Even when he was hated by his friends in high school.

The BTS rapper said that he used to attend a men’s high school in Daegu. At that high school, Suga served as a member of the student council at his school.

Since this high school is for men only, there are some strict rules that students must obey. One of them is the length of the hair.

At the time, as a member of the student council, Suga was responsible for making sure that all the students in the school kept their hair below their ears.

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This responsibility made Suga very disciplined, in fact, every time he encountered a student who broke this rule, the BTS member immediately brought him to the teacher.

Thanks to this discipline, Suga was not one of the most popular in high school. Even the students at his school hated him because they couldn’t break the rules on hair length.

Even so, Suga always tries to maintain good relationships with friends in his class. Always remember important days like your friend’s birthday. Although he was not popular with the students due to his discipline, the rapper, whose real name is Min Yoongi, was popular with the teachers.


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