BTS: Suga reveals his songwriting secret


Suga is one of the most loved idols in BTS, as he has an incredible ability to rap, but also to write songs.

When it comes to the world of K-pop, BTS boy band Min Yoon-gi, also known by his stage name Suga, is without a doubt one of the most popular and beloved characters.

It is no hidden secret that Suga is one of the most important idols behind the magnanimous success of BTS, as he is the one who tends to write the lyrics of the songs, that is why he has the love and adulation of the fans.

Suga is known to create incredible music that instantly resonates in the minds and hearts of his audience. But readers, have you ever wondered what is Suga’s secret formula behind creating such songs? Well today we reveal everything to you.

According to reports from, Suga’s secret inspiration behind creating songs is “self love”, and life as you read it.

Min Yoongi focuses on creating songs and melodies that focus on self-love and self-care so that BTS’s ARMY never stops loving himself. That’s really adorable isn’t it?

Suga as a composer

BTS idol Suga started writing when he was 13 years old, which has paid off, has improved so much to the point where he has literally written hundreds of songs since 2010, all cited with his name by the Copyright Association of Korean Music.

In addition to the countless albums he has written for BTS, he has also written songs for other musicians around the world, including HEIZE, Epik High (the same Epik High that inspired Suga to pursue music), Lee So-ra, and Halsey.

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Suga also has a stake on Halsey’s latest album, Manic, in an interlude that he himself wrote and titled in his honor, “Suga’s Interlude.”

The success behind Suga’s songs

There’s a reason BTS idol Suga calls his studio Genius Lab – anything he creates becomes an instant hit with fans. His skills in rapping, singing, producing and writing songs do not go unnoticed by ARMY.

Despite all the success, Suga maintained his authenticity as an artist, and that quality continues to resonate deeply. His different characters like Suga and Agust D have allowed his to experiment with different themes, concepts and sounds throughout his career.

Suga’s songs tell a lot of stories, and what fans appreciate about all of them is that they don’t save anything. From feeling insecure about the future and frustrated by enemies unnecessarily criticizing him, to being proud of his success and wanting to flaunt it, Suga’s lyrics are as authentic as can be.


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