BTS: Suga reveals his happiness is HIDDEN


Suga, the idol of BTS spoke with ARMY and confessed what is the secret of his happiness and no… it has nothing to do with money.

After the release of his second mixtape, BTS’s Suga contacted ARMY through his radio show, where he thanked them for supporting him and sent them a touching message where he revealed the secret of his happiness.

Yoongi had a deep conversation with his followers on his radio show DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13, through a special broadcast on VLive, the BTS member expressed how he felt after releasing “Daechwita”.

It should be noted that Daechwita is part of the second mixtape of rapper BTS, which has had great success, “D-2”, the record material contains 10 songs, among them some tracks are collaborations with RM, Max and Kim Jong Wan.

The singer of “The Last” had a very special guest on “DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13”, J-Hope who was very excited to be on Suga’s radio show and interact with his fans.

What makes Suga happy?

Suga sent a great message to ARMY, and revealed what is the secret of his happiness, said that the love that his fans give him makes him very happy and that he knows perfectly well that BTS also makes ARMY happy, the rapper explained that he hopes that the moments they spend with their followers fill them with good feelings.

It should be noted that Suga has managed to conquer the heart of the ARMY thanks to his charisma and the honest lyrics of his songs that capture his innermost feelings.

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Suga’s songs tell many stories and what fans appreciate is that they do not keep anything, the BTS idol reflects through them how he feels, expressing even insecurity and fear about his future, but also how proud he feels of his successes, so it could be said that his songs help him unburden himself, which undoubtedly helps him to let go of heavy burdens and be able to enjoy life more and be happy.


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