BTS: Suga LOVES ARMY in a sweater


Suga brings the ARMY sighing at how cute he looks! These are the best looks of the BTS member with a sweater

Min Yoon-gi, better known as Suga or Agust D, often wears a sweater as part of his wardrobe for a performance with BTS, however, the rapper, writer, and producer also uses this cute garment in his daily life.

Suga has photographs with an endless number of tender, modern, daring and all kinds of sweaters, a situation that has made the ARMY fall in love due to how cute the member of the famous K-Pop group looks.

Suga, the cutest of BTS

During the seven years of his career, Suga has worn sweaters so often. In fact, this idol has a good sense of fashion. Its glowing skin makes it suitable for wearing various styles of sweaters. One of the sweaters that makes Suga look cuter is this blue turtleneck sweater.

Suga is a fierce person on stage. Not a few say that he is one of the best idol-rappers of the third generation. Is he your favorite BTS member?

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