BTS: Suga and RM celebrate 10 years of friendship


The members of BTS have been living together for a decade; ARMY loves Suga and RM’s inseparable friendship.

It is well known that RM and Suga have a beautiful friendship, and they have shown this on various occasions in front of the cameras, but their relationship goes beyond being members of BTS since they also share the same roof.

Both idols have lived together for a long time, exactly since November 13, 2013 and in Somagnews we have all the details of this endearing bromance.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM went through different tests to be part of BTS, now they are one of the best known boy bands in the world, two of the members are celebrating their anniversary due to a tender reason.

RM is the leader of BTS, he is not the biggest member of the boy band, but he was the first to belong to the official lineup, while Suga was the second idol to be part of the musical project.

The two rappers met 10 years ago, enough time to cultivate a solid and trustworthy friendship, where challenges were not lacking, this type of test helps to perceive if their connection is true or not.

Suga and RM shared the same goals

During an interview, Min Yoongi stated that on November 13, 2010, he and Namjoon began living together in a small apartment that at that time contained their dreams and goals.

The friendship of the “Dynamite” performers turns a decade, where in addition to being colleagues who love music, together they experienced their rise to fame and form one of the most powerful pairs in K-pop.

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On different occasions, both musicians commented on how much fun they have when they are together and how easy it is to compose, they are quite similar in taste, their artistic perspective is complemented.

Social media users are remembering iconic moments of the two BTS rappers with the hashtag # 10YearsOfNamgi, ARMY is celebrating the powerful connection that exists between Suga and RM.

The idols captured a bit of their experience together in the song ‘MOVE’ where they relate their experience when they changed departments, an excerpt from the song says:

“Suga, I remember when we got here years ago when you and I used to fight all the time, back then I thought this was a big place.”

Recently the members of BTS appeared as guest artists for the Wall Street Journal magazine, in the middle the K-pop idols revealed some details of their upcoming comeback with ‘BE’.


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