BTS: Suga and Jin reflect on the life behind fame


Following the fame and success of BTS, idols Suga and Jin decided to reflect on the direction their lives have taken.

BTS idols Suga and Jin chatted and decided to reflect a little on their life, the music, and the fame behind BTS, as well as the direction they have taken in recent years.

The idols of BigHit are preparing their new online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, which lasted for two days, they are also ready to make their comeback with the new album “BE”, with which they hope to break new records. In their careers, their success has made Suga and Jin reflect on the fame they gained with the K-pop group, BTS.

Through a new episode of their reality show “In the SOOP,” BTS has shown their more homely side and the functionality that exists in their relationship as peers and group friends. In the most recent video for the show, Jin and Suga decided to have an emotional conversation about the direction their life took after Bangtan.

Although they started their dream when they were very young, idols have achieved fame and are living their best moment, they have managed to fulfill dreams and goals that they did not even think possible, but the massive support of ARMY has allowed them not only to travel the world But show them that they made the right decision by striving to be who they are today.

Suga and Jin shared their thoughts on BTS

Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, decided to reflect with Jin about the moment they live, full of fame, popularity and love from ARMY.

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The idol of BTS Suga, asked him what he would have done if he had not followed the path of music and if acting had an opportunity for him, Jin was honest and admits that perhaps he would not have achieved it, although his partner assured him that he would have done well, it is known that it is one of his aspirations.

Jin decided to explain that his life changed after meeting BTS, not only because of fame, but also because he had 6 people by his side, because he has learned a lot from them and they are important to him. The idol believes that without the boys he would not have been able to try very hard, meaning that J-Hope, V, Suga, RM, Jungkook and Jimin are an inspiration to him.

The boys of BTS are three days away from their online concert and the rehearsals revealed the surprises they have for ARMY, what songs will they present?


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