BTS: Suga and Ed Sheeran Together?


On December 5, 2018, BTS’s Suga fired up Twitter when he hinted at a possible collaboration with fellow pop superstar Ed Sheeran, two years have passed since then and although this has not been possible, ARMY does not lose hope.

The simple tweet, posted on BTS’s official Twitter account, read “hmm … this is for you @edsheeran”, signed by Min Yoongi’s stage name Suga.

Along with the message, the BTS idol also included a snapshot of what appears to be a song recording file on a computer. The file name: “ED SHEERAN ST ROUGH”.

Suga’s post “freaked out” ARMY

While the image doesn’t show any other clear details, it certainly seemed to indicate that a collaboration between BTS and Ed Sheeran was close and the mere prospect sent BTS’s ARMY into an understandable frenzy.

“My heart, my gosh,” wrote one user in response to the tweet. “What a sudden attack on yoongi’s part … It just shot to my heart … Ohhhh what a surprise … Wahhhhhhh @edsheeran collab with # suga …” added another fan.

Overall, fans seemed ecstatic but somewhat disbelieving at the idea of the two pop powerhouses finally coming together. “Oh Jesus .. !! I’m not ready yet…” wrote an ARMY member.

However, the general consensus was that this combination could not materialize soon. “I can not wait. I’m very excited. I love you BTS, ”a fan tweeted. Another added, “Oh my God, there is a masterpiece on the way.”

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However, some fans were quick to point out that Suga’s message to Ed could get lost in the “Twitterverse,” considering that the “Shape of You” singer isn’t exactly an active tweeter. “Who’s going to tell you Ed Sheeran doesn’t use the app?” Wrote one user jokingly, with another adding, “Ed Sheeran hasn’t tweeted since 2017.”

Some assured that Ed Sheeran would definitely receive the note, even if it is not precisely through Twitter. After all, he also hinted at a possible collaboration with K-Pop superstars long ago.

In an interview with UK show heatworld, Ed revealed that he actually wrote a song that “I think BTS might be playing it with.” It’s unclear if Suga’s tweet is about the same song Ed Sheeran did. reference; but, with all those tracks on the air the ARMY was deluded.

Unfortunately despite how great a collaboration between Suga and Ed Sheeran would be so far this has not been possible, it must be taken into account that said tweet was published two years ago and since then the fame of BTS has grown impressively, for so it is likely that now that BTS has made the Billboard Hot 100, the collaboration finally arrives.


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