BTS: Suga, all about his love life, his ideal girl


Throughout his career Suga, the idol of BTS, has been linked with various women, but what would his ideal girl be like?

Whether it’s because of their incredible voices, their fashionable style, or their great looks, K-pop group BTS has taken over the world. The talented boy band is made up of seven handsome young men that the ARMY drools over, especially Min Yoongi, nicknamed “Suga.”

The BTS rapper has “struck” the hearts of many girls, but even he has not been immune to the charms of some women, which leads us to wonder what kind of woman has captured her heart? Let’s take a look at Suga’s love story.

Suga’s ideal girl

The members of BTS each have unique personalities; Suga is known for his shy and serious nature. He is a sensitive boy who has experienced love in different ways. In his lyrics, he raps about his doubts, fears and dreams. (A man with a soft heart is a man many of us long for.)

According to Suga, your partner should have some traits similar to yours. Some of these traits include a desire to learn new things, a love of hip hop music, and intelligence. He revealed that an ideal partner should be a person with whom he can find peace of mind and express his true self.

Suga’s first love is the deepest

In his school days, Suga was in love with one of his friends. He had very deep feelings for the unidentified girl to whom he finally confessed his love. Fortunately, and as expected, the girl felt the same for Suga. Although their relationship started well, their communication was not the same as when they were friends, so the relationship ended.

During an assignment in which the students had to write a letter, Suga decided to dedicate his piece to his former love. In the letter, he regretted that the relationship was not as he desired.

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All women linked to Suga

During Suga’s successful career with BTS, he has been linked to many female K-pop stars. In various video compilations, many fans have speculated about Suga’s attraction to K-pop star IU.

The two have worked together on the song “Eight”, which was very well received by the public; in fact, the song topped the music charts. The two are currently great friends and colleagues. (Could their musical compatibility point to a potential love?

Another star linked to Suga is Red Velvet’s Wendy. The two have performed live shows together, but there is no evidence linking them to a romantic relationship.

Suga and singer Suran have worked together on different songs like “So Far Away” and “Wine”; However, Suga and Suran’s close relationship was nothing more than friendship. In fact, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement denying the rumors between the two K-pop stars.

On many occasions, fans have caught Suga’s reactions when watching TWICE’s performances. (Fans have become so desperate that they have monitored their reactions to events!) Many have concluded that there is a connection between Suga and TWICE leader Jihyo; However, Jihyo is in a relationship with celebrity Kang Daniel.

Suga’s platonic love

Most of the women Min Yoongi has been linked to turn out to be nothing more than friends. One woman in particular attracts Suga’s attention: the gorgeous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. (Can we blame him?)

Johansson impressed Suga in his lead role in the movie Black Widow, a production inspired by the Marvel Comics character. Fortunately, this is just a little crush.


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