BTS Stylist Reveals His Experience Working With Them


Park Naejoo is the hair stylist of the members of BTS, the specialist revealed all the secrets of his work with idols.Meet the famous stylist who styled and styled the hair concept of the 7 BTS boys.

Within K-pop one of the elements that cannot be missed are the unique hair styles, so the idols of the different companies always try to create new trends and enjoy the appearance changes.

The boys of BTS do know how to attract attention for their look changes, all the members look amazing with hairstyles, hair shades that favor them and make everyone want to imitate them, but who is responsible for combing the hair of the rappers and BTS singers?

Park Naejoo is one of the most famous and renowned stylists in all of South Korea, the hairstyle specialist gave an interview for The Korea Times, Naejoo spoke about his experience of working for BTS idols.

Naejoo is an experienced hair artist, he has collaborated with his hair creations and designs on various MVS, albums, magazine covers and other activities of recognized K-pop idols.

Renowned stylist is co-owner of the ‘BIT & BOT’ salon, Park Naejoo started working with BTS since the release of his second album, the hairdresser said the first thing he does to create a concept for artists is to talk to the company about the release that They will do and then they will only form the ideas of the hair looks of the members.

Park Naejoo commented that V is one of the idols who brings more ideas to his looks, explained that BTS’s Taehyung is a boy who cares a lot about the design that his image has in each comeback.

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Stylist Park Naejoo has also styled idols from groups like: EXO, NCT, MONSTA X, GOT7, Golden Child, and The Boyz. What do you think about the work and style of the person in charge of BTS’s hair looks?

Check out the interview where stylist Park Naejoo talks about BTS:


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