BTS stylist reveals his experience working with them


Meet the famous stylist who combs and designed the concept of hair of 7 guys BTS . Within the K-pop one of the elements that can not miss are the styles of hair only, so the idols of different companies always try to create new trends and enjoy the appearance changes.

Boys BTS really know how to draw attention for their changes of look , all members look amazing hairstyles, shades of hair that favor them and make everyone want to imitate them , but who is the responsible to comb the hair of rappers and singers from BTS ?

Naejoo Park is one of the designers most famous and recognized all over Korea South , the specialist in hairstyles gave an interview to the media The Korea Times, Naejoo talked about his experience working for Idols of BTS .

Naejoo is an experienced artist of the hair , has collaborated with his creations and designs hair in various MVS , albums, magazine covers and other activities idols of the K-pop recognized.

The renowned stylist is co-owner of the salon ‘BIT & BOT’, Park Naejoo began working with BTS since the release of their second album, the hairstylist said that the first thing he does to create a concept for the artists is to talk to the company about the launch that only then will they form the ideas of the looks of hair of the members .

Park Naejoo said that V is one of the idols that most contributes ideas to their looks , explained that Taehyung of BTS is a guy who cares much the design has its image in every comeback .

Stylist Park Naejoo has also styled idols from groups such as: EXO, NCT, MONSTA X, GOT7, Golden Child, and The Boyz . What do you think of the work and style of the person in charge of BTS’s hair looks ?

Check out the interview where stylist Park Naejoo talks about BTS :

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