BTS speaks out against racism with a message solidarity


Through their social networks, the idol group shared their position of solidarity with the recent protests against racism. BTS used the powerful reach of its platform to send a positive message to the generations that follow, inviting them to be part of the change.

The fight against racism has taken more strength and every time we see more people joining this cause, there are different means to support the movement, but without a doubt something important and that has not been lost sight of is to get the message ‘Black lives matter ‘to more people, creating awareness of what people of African descent have lived through for years.

Different figures in the entertainment world have shared their feelings regarding what is currently lived in the United States but is being replicated around the world, since racial discrimination occurs everywhere, so BTS also took part and gave know a message that promotes respect and unity to create a better environment.

The group’s tweet allowed this solidarity gesture to reach thousands of people, motivating others to reflect and adopt better behaviors for life in society. But in addition to the words shared on social networks, BTS is said to have made a financial donation to the cause, however, the details of the organization or the amount are unknown.

BTS has distinguished itself as a group that promotes love, respect and acceptance, motivating its fans during difficult situations and the challenges of daily life, know some of the phrases said by Jimin that will inspire you and help you get to know him best.


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