BTS shows their funniest side in Dynamite’s MV B-Side


BTS premiered the B-Side version of “Dynamite”, a new MV where they show their funniest side. The group continues with surprises for ARMY, this comeback is determined to get their message across in every way possible. Recently, they released 2 new versions of the song, an acoustic and an EDM remix to infect their fans with the energy of “Dynamite”, now it was the turn of a new music video with unreleased scenes and lots of dancing.

Through the official account of BigHit Labels, BTS revealed the MV B-Side of “Dynamite”, in which they show a more fun and free side. The Bangtan boys combined unreleased scenes, dance challenges, bloopers and images from the original video, the new version already has almost half a million views almost an hour after being released.

“Dynamite” B-Side begins with Jungkook in the middle of his room, starting to feel the rhythm of the song and improvising his best dance moves, while jumping all over the place excited. The sequence continues with RM and J-Hope, who improvise and try to just have fun while recording.

To make it more fun and natural, BTS included bloopers of some scenes where Jungkook eats a bread and Jimin pirouettes and loses his balance, all with the intention of just enjoying the music and Bangtan’s message of being able to do something even though there are moments. bad. Another thing that caught my eye was V wearing a beret and looking very adorable.

The B-Side video continues with scenes on the basketball court, where the K-pop idols start a kind of dance challenge and between Suga, Jin, and RM. Apparently, during the recording the boys really had fun, as they included many behind the scenes that show their talent for improvised dancing to the rhythm of “Dynamite”.

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Jimin and V also played a bit with their facial expressions in one of the sets, it was all about freedom and being happy, without having to take it as work with the intention of giving ARMY an MV that makes them laugh and get distracted while they look at it. In the end, Taehyung shows how many times they replayed a take for being so focused on doing his best 90s pose.


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