BTS shows off their basketball skills with a fun game


The Bangtan Boys in addition to loving music and the stage, have a passion for sports, especially basketball, the K-pop band takes every opportunity to show their skills on the court. Watch the video of the boys playing.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM are artists who little by little have been forming their great name within the world music industry. Promotions and activities sometimes leave them exhausted and without much time to enjoy their hobbies.

Every time the Bangtan Boys get a chance to relax and unwind from their responsibilities as Korean pop idols, they put on fun dynamics that keep them moving.

Sport is a vital part of the performers of ‘Boy With Luv’, one of the disciplines that the rappers and singers of the Big Hit company enjoy the most is basketball and in the most recent BANGTANG BOMB video, fans witnessed the idol skills on the playing field.


A few hours ago the YouTube channel BANGTANGTV, published a video of more than 4 minutes in which the members of BTS are appreciated on an improvised basketball court, the boys decided to throw some baskets before starting to record one of their participation in a Program.

Apparently the idols were in a building, right on the roof of the place there was a perfect basket to practice his talent in shooting, the first to show his agility and good sense was Taehyung, who concentrated to the maximum to be able to score some shooting.

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While he was playing, Jungkook and Jimin watched their colleague, which gave them a great idea and they challenged V to a basketball game. The first to score was V and he immediately got a point, which intimidated Golden Maknae, he said:

It is very good, we better forget the game, I do not play than people who are very good

Park Jimin did not give up and in the first round he was the winner of the game, later Kim Seok Jin and Namjoon came to have fun for a while, showing that what matters is having fun with friends.

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