BTS shares their thoughts on Halsey and their friendship


BTS shares a great message about Halsey, an artist who has become a great friend to them. The singer met BTS more than a year ago, since then, he has had a close relationship with the K-pop group thanks to their collaboration with “Boy with Luv”, they have shown mutual support on several occasions, even gave a surprise presentation At his London concert, he has also worked with Suga and the boys decided to share their inspiration for Halsey.


Through Time magazine, Halsey was named one of the most influential artists of 2020. Thanks to her alter ego, Ashley (her real name) has inspired her fans with her music, as he has been able to portray emotions by those he has gone through in his life, especially depression.

Not only did the article mention Halsey as artist of the year, it also posted a special message from BTS, who have become great friends with the “Closer” star. The BigHit group decided to express their thoughts and admiration for her, because between them there is more than a working relationship.


BTS described Halsey as a brilliant person, not just with her music, but with her personality. The boys admitted that she has managed to inspire them thanks to her work, collaborating with her was always a dream for idols and they managed to fulfill it, as she was the one to sing along with them “Boy With Luv”.

The members of Bangtan say that Halsey leaves a mark in people’s lives and they are fortunate to be able to call her her friend. Everyone was captivated by her ability to capture her magic and spirit in her music, in life and in themselves, because now they have a great artistic ambition thanks to her.

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The idols also rated their latest album, Maniac, as a sincere and authentic album. Halsey’s success, according to BTS, is due to her being a singer who is passionate and dedicated to everything she does, so they are happy to have created art together and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. This friendship is of great value to them and they have been able to get along in ideas and how to express emotions and ideals through music.

BTS’s success has not only brought them professionally closer to other artists, they have also formed relationships with people who share the same musical concerns.


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