BTS shares their plans for Christmas and gives a message


BTS shares with ARMY their plans for this Christmas, in South Korea it is already December 24 and the K-pop group sent their best wishes to celebrate this special date.

The K-pop group ended their comeback promotions with “Life Goes On”, 2021 promises many more surprises within their career, as they will reveal a new MV, Suga will be back with them and they will compete at the GRAMMY gala . To end this great year, the boys shared congratulatory messages for ARMY.

Through the Dicon Korea account, BTS recorded several Christmas cards for their fans, the boys revealed their plans for Christmas Eve, a party of love and magic, full of gifts and favorite dishes. There are several hours until the arrival of Santa Claus and the idols decided to share their good wishes for their fans.

December holidays are here and Bangtan will take advantage of his free time to spend with his family, pets and ARMY on such a special night. Each of the members revealed what they expect from the dinner and shared some emotional words for their fans. Do you already know what you are going to have dinner with, who will you spend it with and what outfit will you wear?

In their Christmas messages, the boys wore ideal looks for the time, consisting of scarves, Santa hats and garments in red, the tone that represents the season.

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate with that special someone. Discover with this test which member of BTS would be your ideal date on Christmas Eve.



For the leader of BTS, Christmas is a time to share and be with his loved ones, although music is present for him. The idol will celebrate the end of the year parties with some performances that he has with the group.

For ARMY, Namjoon wished to make them happy and be by his side with every performance before the end of 2020.



Jin is a fan of food and assured that he will spend Christmas with a good meal, in addition, he will continue preparing to meet his fans again.

For ARMY, Seokjin wished them Happy Holidays and encouraged them to keep trying.



Jimin hopes to spend it with his friends or family and wished ARMY a good holiday and a lot of fun over Christmas, he also shared his congratulatory message. The idol performed various poses with a Santa Claus hat.


Suga assured that he will continue with his guitar lessons, the idol has been absent after his shoulder surgery, so a great Christmas gift for him would be said instrument. He also promised to make more music.

For ARMY, Yoongi wished them a great Christmas and playing more for them.


The idol is already thinking about everything he will do for the new year, 2021 is promising for BTS. The singer assured that he will spend Christmas with his family and his adorable pet Tannie.

For ARMY, V wished them a cozy evening and a merry Christmas, he also took an interest in their New Years resolutions.


The Golden Maknae promised that he will spend Christmas and New Years celebrating with music, as the K-pop group still has some surprises in store before saying goodbye to 2020.

For ARMY, Kookie wished that they could join them in the last presentations and wished them a merry Christmas.


Hobi explained that he will spend Christmas with his family, it will be a pleasant moment for him, and he has just completed 10 years in the K-pop industry since he became a trainee.

For ARMY, J-Hope wished you a great Christmas at home, have a cozy and comfortable time, because this December 24 will be very different from other times.


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