BTS shares their hopes with ARMY for 2021


The boys of BTS looked back on their memories with ARMY and expressed their best wishes for 2021

BTS is reunited with ARMY for another year, the boys shared a special message with their fans to remember 2020 and share their wishes for 2021.

The K-pop group BigHit is enjoying the winter holidays after the holidays, Although the month of January represents a new opportunity for his career as ceremonies such as the Golden Disk Awards, the Gaon Awards and the 2021 GRAMMY Awards are still missing on his agenda.

Through social networks, BTS shared a New Year’s message through of his fan club. Although 2021 has already quickly passed 4 days, the boys have high expectations for this new annual cycle together with ARMY.Each of the group members shared their wishes and memories.

Although the world situation has not yet improved due to the pandemic, idols hope to meet their fans in various ways, whether through projects, online concerts or shows where they continue with some musical premieres. Between the past and the future, Bangtan hopes to have a successful 2021 and in the company of ARMY.


As the leader of the K-pop group, Namjoon was in charge of opening the new year’s message, the idol admitted that 2021 started very quickly, but assured that last cycle was special since they could celebrate their 7th anniversary, a number that is a kind of cabal has returned for them.

Jin said that he had a very happy time, since there was a lot of support and love, he thanked ARMY with a love you. Suga , who was absent in the last straight of 2020 due to his operation, assured that there will be new music this year and J-Hope seconded him by asking fans to prepare. Jimin expressed his taste for food, and also wishes ARMY and BTS the best time .

VHe explained that any project of the group is always done with ARMY in mind and hopes that the projects they have prepared will make their year something incredible. Finally, Jungkook alerted fans to the weather, as winter will persist and he hopes that everyone will stay healthy to meet again at some point in the year.

With the new year comes new surprises for fans, Jungkook is ruled under the Chinese sign of the ox, which is why some astrologers shared the predictions of his horoscope in 2021.


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