BTS shares their future plans in new interview


BTS shares their upcoming plans in music and their concerns about life in a candid interview. The BigHit group continues promoting “Dynamite” and complying with various presentations to keep in touch with ARMY prior to their online concert that will take place in October. The Bangtan boys shared various thoughts about life, their career in the K-pop and details of their comeback.


Through the Weverse platform, an interview with BTS was published by the portal’s magazine, which has been the communication channel between the K-pop group and its fans through photos and messages. The idols answered specific questions and shared various details about their life and future plans.

Taehyung decided to talk about his new album, which is still in the recording process. The idol assured that the essence of BTS is intact, because everyone wants to maintain the naturalness of who they really are, not only V the artist, but the person who is Park Jimin or Kim Namjoon, in addition, he shared his emotion for being in charge of the visual part of this comeback, everyone liked their work.


For his part, Jimin explained that the development of the new album allowed him to have a connection with his emotions, because there is a song he worked on from the beginning, so it was easy to focus on what he felt and it was very comfortable for him, Music has been one of BTS’s ways of communicating with their fans despite language barriers.

Jungkook decided to talk about the current situation, despite the fact that the K-pop group has not been able to meet again with ARMY face to face, the idol confessed that he has obtained enough strength thanks to the support of his fans, it causes him joy and enough energy to move forward, therefore, “Still with You” means for him that despite adversity, in this case the pandemic, he will find a way to reach ARMY.

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Namjoon regretted not being able to perform concerts, the leader of BTS confessed that the world situation made him discover that music and acting on stage are sorely lacking, because he loves his job and felt he had nothing to do. After postponing their world tour, Jin decided to broadcast and play piano for ARMY, as they were supposed to be at one of their concerts.

Suga spoke about the birth of her radio show, the idol explained that since she had nothing to do, due to the health situation, she looked for a new activity that would give a little meaning to her life in those moments. Finally, J-Hope reflected on her life before the world came to a standstill and changed due to illness.


Hobi was honest about his emotional state, although he felt exhausted from working so much, somehow he missed the past and relived some of his concerts, it was curious to realize that they had a full schedule last year and now they had to stop everything and spend the 2020 isolated.


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