BTS shares their future plans and win Grammy


BTS held a press conference talking about ‘Dynamite’, K-pop idols revealed their future projects and one of them is winning a Grammy award, find out what they said here.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, J-Hope and V are promoting ‘Dynamite’, the first preview of their comeback project, the song represents a lot of effort and work from the interpreters of ‘Save ME’, as it is their first single in English.

The MV for ‘Dynamite’ was released in August through the YouTube platform and so far it has broken several records for views, has more than 275 million views and more than 18 million likes.

The Bangtan Boys to talk a little more about their comeback, their new projects and other surprises they have in store, held an international press conference; In order for their fans to be part of this activity, the full ‘Online Global Media Day’ video was posted on the official Big Hit Labels channel on YouTube.

Each of the rappers and singers appeared with the great energy that characterizes them, immediately began the questions about the creative work for ‘Dynamite’, the activities they are planning for the future, their goals and those dreams they still want to achieve.

The MC asked:

There is a saying that Suga’s dreams always come true, we would all like to know, what is your next goal?

The rapper of the Bangtan Boys responded that he is happy because all the goals that he sets are met and whenever they achieve a new goal he experiences great satisfaction, Min Yoongi reflected:

I think I should be a little more careful what I express when it comes to goals to achieve

He also revealed that he is very happy to see the success of the single ‘Dynamite’, the artist thinks about what could be the next step in his musical career as a K-pop band, the idol originally from the city of Daegu in Korea. Sur, explained to the attendees the real reason for ‘Dynamite’, the message they wanted to convey to ARMY and the world.

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Our song was not released to enter the HOT 100 chart, it was released in order to give more energy to all the people of the world

At the ‘Online Global Media Day’ conference, Suga unveiled one of his most cherished dreams, the Korean pop idol felt confident to share what has been in his head for a few years:

At the beginning of this year we attended the Grammys Awards, we were on stage doing a collaboration, what now I would like is to do a presentation only with BTS on the track of those awards.

Agust D assured that it would be incredible to have a coveted Grammy award in his hands, but the interpreter of ‘Daechwita’ is aware that it is not only wanting it to have it, so he and his colleagues will work harder to be able to present themselves at the ceremony organized by The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States

Our goal is to perform on the Grammys stage

On the other hand, Namjoon revealed that he wants to set up a huge festival, to attract the entire international public, but for now he is only in plans and is reviewing the organization, the leader of BTS shared another of the projects expected by ARMY, the next album of the group and a surprise presentation:

We have been preparing hard, not sure if it will be offline or online, probably online, but we will do another concert

Watch the full video of BTS’s ‘Online Global Media Day’:


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