BTS shares previews of Skit and Telepathy, BE songs


‘Skit’ and ‘Telepathy’ are songs that are part of the record material ‘BE’, the members of Beyond The Scene released interesting previews of their next comeback.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM will return to the music scene with the studio album ‘BE’, its release will be on November 20, and the tracklist has already been revealed, causing excitement from the fans.

This new musical era of the Bangtan Boys is characterized by the fact that they have been part of each of the creative processes of the project, curating the individual teaser images and using photography as a means to express their message.

As BTS’s comeback date approaches, they and their agency share new advancements for ‘BE’ such as the songs, the concept, and new tracks emerge from the CD content.


The tracklist of ‘BE’ consists of 8 songs and a few hours ago, the inscriptions of two songs were announced in the South Korean Music Copyright Association, for its acronym KOMCA.

‘Skit’ and ‘Telepathy’ were registered with the KOMCA under the name of the 7 members of BTS and other composers who collaborated in the creation of the songs, in addition some lines of the melodies were published.

The ‘Skit’ cannot be missing within the Beyond The Scene albums, it is an intro written by all the 7 idols, the lyrics refer to the records and achievements they have achieved throughout their career. A part of ‘Skit’ says:

Billboard’s # 1 singers are coming

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‘Telepathy’ has the participation of RM, Suga, Jungkook, Hiss Noise and El Capitxn, the track could portray the deep feelings of love of a person, in the KOMCA record you can read:

In the middle of the days that are the same, whenever I see you I am the most …

This is what is known about the content of ‘Skit’ and ‘Telepathy’, which are songs that, in addition to showing the skills of the boy group of the Big Hit Entertainment company, is a sample of the musical evolution of singers and rappers.

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