BTS shares a photo album with their best memories of the past year


BTS’s fourth surprise for FESTA 2020 was revealed, bringing great joy to ARMY with the multiple images shared by the group on their social media. The anniversary celebration is still in its infancy, however the premieres by the idols have been very special.

BTS is celebrating their 7th anniversary of their debut, so it is important for them to remember some of the moments that, over the past year, have brought them joy and satisfaction.

Thus, through his Facebook account, BTS shared a photo gallery with iconic moments in a period of time from the previous anniversary and until this new FESTA , album that was named ‘BTS PHOTO COLLECTION 19/20’ .

This gallery includes a total of 20 photos where we see the idols enjoying their success and the company that they provide as partners and team. Rehearsals, international promotions, photo sessions, awards and video sets are some of the situations shown in images, which led ARMY through a journey back in time, remembering all those moments .


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