BTS shares the best tips of their skincare routine


BTS shares the best tips of their skincare routine. If you are thinking of starting to take care of your skin, you cannot miss the basics that your favorite idols use.

BTS boys go to endless events, where their stylists make them look amazing , their skin always seems flawless, however, the use of makeup for different shows and concerts can affect their skin, so they have a routine for Skin care that you should not neglect.

Korean cosmetics is one of the most popular worldwide, offering high quality products, but in addition to the different makeup products, those of skin care have also gained followers due to their efficient results.

And you, do you use a skin care routine? When you have never done this, it may seem very complicated, with many alternatives of products that you can choose to make you doubt about which ones are better and what you need.

To give you an idea, here are some of the best tips of the skin care routines that BTS uses to keep your skin in a wonderful state.

Cotton pads are an infallible article for Taehyung, who has said that he usually uses them to moisten his face with toner while they are traveling through his busy schedule. With lots of activities planned for each day, the idol must use his time intelligently and take advantage of every moment he has to take care of himself. In addition, he said he used to apply lotion with his hands, but after listening to the indications of his dermatologist he chose to apply it carefully with pads.

For this idol it is essential to apply products such as toner and cream as part of your skin care routine, both apply them at night, after washing your face and before going to sleep, to perform this cleaning Jungkook uses a cleaning foam that tries to carry everywhere when it is on tour. The BTS vocalist has emphasized that the parts where you should be more careful when it comes to facial cleansing is the area around the nose and eyebrows.

The BTS leader pays special attention to the hydration of the skin of his face , so, to achieve his goal of having a radiant and healthy skin , the idol chooses to use specialized products for dry skin . The tip of this idol would be to identify the type of skin you have to recognize the products you really need.

The use of masks is one of the elements that idol uses most, first because of its ease of application, but in addition, he is aware that after several days using makeup on his skin it can be affected, so he must apply products that Help you recover and revitalize yourself.

Jimin’s skin care routine is accompanied by two very important points, the first one is to make sure you keep your skin clean, so you never go to bed without having removed all the makeup you have applied during the day, especially for days Where the group has presentations. The second point is related to hydration, so try to drink fluids consistently to benefit the appearance of your skin.

Like Suga, Jin constantly tries to use masks to compensate for the damage his skin has faced recently, mainly after a day where he has used makeup for a presentation, if he was exposed to the sun for a long time or if he simply feels that your skin needs a little hydration.

His routine includes products such as toner, lotion and cream, as well as some products that prevent the appearance of acne. In addition, when you wake up also apply cream to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Of course, you could not miss the use of moisturizing masks that help revitalize your skin, the idol has said that it tries to use a daily one, so that the result is better.


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