BTS shared a mysterious countdown, what is it about?


BTS fans gear up for an announcement that could reveal plans for a new comeback or mixtape release.

BTS fans continue to receive surprises from their favorite idol group, this was because of a countdown shared on social networks and announcing that something big is coming. Can you imagine what this is about?

The Big Hit Entertainment account shared an image that reads ‘D-7’ and, in turn, the BTS account retweeted this same publication, announcing that the surprise that the company is preparing is regarding the future plans of the group.

Subsequently, the image was also published through Weibo , causing great excitement from the ARMYs that are still pending on that social network, but what will happen in 7 days?

Although neither BTS nor Big Hit have given great details about it, the group’s fans have already started to raise possible theories, suggesting that it could be the publication of the calendar for this year’s Festa , although so far there is no certainty of what it is. what will happen during the indicated date.

Because posts about the Festa are usually posted on another Twitter account, it is likely another project, and given comments from several members about plans to launch new mixtapes , ARMY is also considering these alternatives.

BTS recently released a cover they made with Lee Hyun , the song chosen for this performance was Without a Heart and the moment received very good comments from ARMY.


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