BTS: Seoul becomes “Jungkook’s Disneyland” AWESOME!


BTS’s Jungkook had a birthday that he will surely never forget as Seoul became his personal Disneyland.

On the occasion of the birthday of the youngest of BTS, Seoul became “Jungkook’s Disneyland” as the streets of this wonderful city were decorated with his face everywhere.

The decoration reached the subway, spectacular, trucks and even his image was projected on a Ferris wheel, as if he were the owner of Seoul.

Jungkook’s Disneyland

The photos of the city became viral in no time as it was impressive to see how BTS’s fanaticism came to decorate a city.

Jungkook turned 23 and surely must be eternally grateful for the great displays of affection from the people.

BTS loves ARMY

If there is something that BTS should be recognized for, it is that in every interview they give to the press they always mention their gratitude to ARMY-fan club-.

On the other hand, it is worth recognizing all the great energy and good vibes that the seven members of the Boy band transmit.

This positive attitude has made them win more and more fans who, when watching their interviews, are infected with happiness and begin to follow them.

Do you think BTS deserves all that fame that they have achieved in recent years? Do you have a favorite BTS?

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