BTS: SENSUAL dance Jin, Dynamite teaser


The ARMY has not repaired it is to emphasize that BTS’s Jin is one of the best dancers in the Dynamite teaser

BTS is one of the bands that revolutionize social networks with each of their actions, so now they will make their long-awaited comeback and the emotion of their fans is at the highest level.

That is why now the Big Hit Entertainment group shared the first video teaser for the next premiere and has left the ARMY more than excited with such a preview.

In the video you can see the seven members of BTS who appear on the screen posing without much encouragement while wearing pastel outfits, each of the BTS boys uses a color that predominates in their outfit, combining perfectly with the sunset that we see behind from them.

It can be clearly seen that on stage, the lilac, pink and yellow colors give a magical aura to this scene, and then we see that the K-Pop idols start walking out of the frame, then one by one they disappear from the scene wearing their hands in their pockets, but the expression on their faces doesn’t light up.

Apparently Jimin is the only member who remains in his position and is also the one who shows a change in his expression, because with a small gesture of his right arm, the BTS vocalist lifts his spirits and points sweetly towards the camera, making a shooting gesture as a mark that anticipates what is about to begin.

Jin’s sensual dance

The one who has surprised the most is Jin from BTS, because as he never appears performing a sensual dance that is driving the ARMY crazy, since he put all his efforts to be one of the best dancers and his movements totally prove that the ARMY has not resisted to flatter him.

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But that’s not all, J-Hope dazzles in a change of scenery and is seen wearing the style that he showed in the teaser photos for Dynamite, with which this idol managed to accelerate the hearts of his fans.

It is worth mentioning that the video also allows us to observe a bit of the choreography that BTS prepared for Dynamite, since we see the Bangtan members in a group formation and wearing retro and very colorful clothes. Dynamite premieres on August 21 and BTS will perform a presentation of this melody through the transmission of the MTV VMAs 2020.


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