BTS sends a message of hope in the face of the global emergency


BTS sends a message of hope in the face of the global emergency(COVID-19). The idols gathered to give encouragement to all those who are facing a difficult time.

The boys from BTS gathered in the Big Hit Entertainment building, as the company had previously announced, they continued to go to rehearsal in the hope that the situation unleashed by the emergency of COVID-19 could be controlled and thus be able to continue with the tour they had been planning for a long time, however this time their meeting had another reason.

The current situation has lowered the spirits of many people, feeling isolated, having no one to live with, leaving aside all the activities that gave meaning to your day and even simply worrying about the chaos that faces the increase of cases of contagion in this pandemic, for this reason, artists and public figures have maintained constant communication with their followers, so that they can shed some light on the dark stage.

To this end, the Korean Armed Forces Academy of Nursing invited BTS to share a video joining the fight against COVID-19 , during this clip, the boys offered a heartfelt thanks to the healthcare staff who are working hard to protect the safety of the population, having as a priority the pursuit of human life.

Likewise, the idols shared that they understood the difficulties that many people are experiencing as a result of the quarantine, so they joined in an act of solidarity to send them strength.

“We are closely connected and share both pain and joy. If we have the courage and the will to overcome everything, I am sure that we will succeed with the power of our connection.”

Finally, in addition to expressing how much they missed seeing their followers, they also invited another public figure to continue with this chain, the chosen one was soccer player Son Heung Min , who will continue to carry this message of hope around the world.

Check out the full video of the message the guys sent:


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