BTS: Secret stories that are believed about its members


Check out these loving and controversial rumors about the guys from BTS Since the boys of BTS debuted they caught a lot of attention from K-pop fans, their Hip-Hop inspired musical style and aesthetics showed a tough and interesting side of the members.

Currently the members of the company Big Hit Entertainment are one of the most famous Korean pop artists, breaking sales records and promoting their music around the world.

The idols of BTS throughout their careers have been victims of some accusations that involve them romantically with some other artists, for the purchase of positions on the charts or some statements.

This time we present you 5 secret stories that are believed about Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope and V.

Suga’s letter to her ex, is it fake?

Does Suga regret not being a better boyfriend? Years ago, a story about Yoongi and her ex-girlfriend began to circulate that has become very popular.

According to a letter the BTS member wrote during high school, he had a brief relationship with a girl that he liked a lot; It took him a while to confess his feelings to him and when he did she agreed to be his girlfriend. However, their shyness and thoughts that they had at the time caused them to have a bad experience.

Suga would have become colder with him and their treatment was different from when they were still friends, so his girlfriend decided to break up with him. Now the idol regretted not having been more affectionate with him and not treating him as she deserved and assured that if she had the opportunity to go back in time, he would not hesitate to show him how important she was to him and tell him that he loved him. Sniff!

This letter would have been made known publicly after Suga sent it to a radio station with the intention that the girl with whom she lived this sad love story would know how she felt about it; This writing came as part of an idol’s school project.

Suga’s letter to her ex let us see a side of the idol that we have rarely seen. However, Yoongi recently denied this rumor and clarified that he never sent such a letter to the radio station.

During one of Suga and J-Hope’s most recent live broadcasts, the idol revealed the truth to his fans. Although it is true that she had to carry out that school project, Yoongi assured that the text she wrote was not a letter to her ex, it was about another topic and she never sent it to the radio. OMG!

RM is no longer a virgin?

RM is known for being very honest with ARMY. It is said that in one of the fan meetings in South Korea, the leader of the Bangtan Boys answered a question that surprised all the attendees, because the rapper of ‘Do You’ was very real.

The questioning was

Are you a virgin? What are your experiences?

Kim Namjoon replied:

No, I am not a virgin, if I have been with a woman in the past and if I saw him again, I would be with him again.

Jin dressed up as Jimin to save him

Unfortunately Jimin has received several threats, but through social networks Internet users have been concerned about the well-being and health of the BTS idol, on one occasion Jin showed him unconditional love for Jimin.

Jimin was threatened on Twitter, a user claimed that he would hurt him at one of the band’s concerts in California, although Big Hit took the necessary measures, the older member of BTS wanted to make sure that there was no opportunity to hurt Jimin.

Jin would have dressed the same as Jimin that day to reduce the chances of the idol suffering any type of attack since looking similar could confuse the aggressor. ARMY, who attended the concert and was able to see the sound check, assured that the two BTS members wore the same clothes.

Suga and Suran

Suga and Suran have collaborated on different songs, they are both music lovers, which has united them even more, their most famous tracks are ‘So Far Away’ and ‘Wine’, due to their great chemistry, the followers thought that they they could have been in a relationship.

The various speculations prompted Min Yoongi’s representative company Big Hit Entertainment to issue a statement denying the dating rumors.

Suga is focused on his career as a producer, musician and member of the Bangtan Boys, Suga and Suran’s love affair was just a speculation.

Dissolution of BTS

It is said that Big Hit Entertainment did not have much money to promote BTS, the company was about to go bankrupt and close.

In the ‘N.O’ era, the BTS guys went through very difficult times because there was not enough capital for their clothes, accessories and other comeback expenses.

Big Hit Entertainment took out some loans that helped the company not go into total bankruptcy, ensuring the stability of the Bangtan Boys in K-pop.

What if BTS had parted ways in the ‘N.O’ era?



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