BTS says goodbye to SUGA HONEY FM with emotional messages


The BTS guys enjoyed these broadcasts so much that they plan to do it more often.

The program Suga transmissions live audio has come to an end, therefore, instead of having as a guest to another member of BTS as in previous shows, the seven members of the group gathered for the last issue one most special event.

The idols shared opinions about their seventh anniversary , at which time Suga said that if they had to go back to their debut days and were able to talk to their ‘me’ from the past, he would like to tell them they did well. Following this, the rest of the boys also expressed how they felt after completing seven years as a group .

The group has had a festive season celebrating their anniversary , but now that the commemorative date has arrived, Jimin thanked all his followers for congratulating them, said they have the place they are in now because of the fans and the words of ARMY always They manage to encourage them to move on.

J-Hope agreed with Jimin , so he thanked his fans for always staying with them and said that they should continue this way until the 777 anniversary. Meanwhile, Jungkook said that this time as BTS has passed very quickly and it was Comforting for him to see the messages from his fans while they were broadcasting.

For his part, V said that BTS and ARMY would continue together like clouds and wind, while Namjoon said that although this was a very special day, part of the celebration was still missing, so he invited his fans to see each other. later during BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE .

Likewise, Jin said that since it’s nice to meet members for live broadcasts of this type, he thinks they should do it often, so he noted that this is not over and fans could expect more similar content. After repeatedly thanking ARMY , they sent good wishes to their fans and asked them to stay healthy so that they can meet again later.

BTS is currently making the final preparations for their presentation at BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE , an event for which the boys have prepared new nicknames that they will use when performing.


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