BTS: RM was ignored in group chat


RM the leader of BTS shared a moment that caused astonishment, the rapper wanted to share a news, but was ignored by the other idols.

After the release of the new song “Dynamite”, BTS idols continue to add more successes in their musical careers, their most recent achievement was to place themselves on the Billboard Hot 100 list by obtaining first place, that news was discovered first by RM , the leader of the K-Pop group.

After learning that the song in English has managed to be part of the famous list in just a few days, the rapper wanted to share his emotion with the other boys of the South Korean band, so he decided to share his great achievement through a group chat that have the artists.

But a situation arose that caused the leader of the boy band to react, which caused a furor on social networks, since not having the attention of the other members of BTS, he preferred to do something else, as this was revealed by some fans of the famous South Korean band.

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RM was ignored by BTS idols

In the publication, it can be seen that the BTS idols were reunited while celebrating Jungkook’s birthday, but between the talk came a comment from RM, who revealed to the ARMY that when he learned that they reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, his others companions ignored it.

The South Korean rapper shared the news in a group chat, but when he realized that none of the idols answered or saw the message, he reacted and went to sleep better, even the dancer shared an image of his cell phone for the achievement they received, but none of the idols saw it.

RM’s reaction captivated the ARMY and they were surprised by what happened, as the boys did not do it with a bad intention, since they were tired and preferred to sleep, so they did not notice the message that the BTS leader shared in the chat group. Are you a fan of the K-Pop group?

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