BTS: RM was caught with an idol mischief Attention ARMY!


BTS’s RM fascinated his fans by getting his cheeks touched by one of the idols of the K-Pop group.

RM, the leader of the successful South Korean group BTS, continues to stir up the girls with his charming moments that have been shared through different Twitter accounts, as the rapper has stolen the heart of the ARMY for the occurrences he makes.

And it is that the member of the K-Pop boy band, celebrated his expected 26th birthday a few days ago, which is why his fans have caused a furor on social networks for the expressions of affection they share for their favorite idol, who He is such a lovely and adorable boy.

Even some of the idols of the South Korean group BTS, do not resist surprising the leader RM, because they have done one or another mischief, so here we share who of the boys came up with grabbing the singer’s cheeks, their reaction it was fascinating.

BTS’s idol grabs RM’s cheeks

In that Twitter account they released a funny video where RM appears and some mysterious hands, everything indicates that they are from Jimin from BTS, who did not resist touching the rapper’s cheeks, who was a bit serious, perhaps he was just holding on the urge to laugh.

And it is that on several occasions, idols have made charming occurrences when they are on stage or when conducting an interview, but something that draws the attention of the ARMY is that the members are fascinated by grabbing the leader’s hair, as well as his beautiful face.

BTS’s rapper RM has become one of the most charming idols in the South Korean group, because every time he is surprised by one of the boy band members, he only shows a beautiful smile, which melts the hearts of the girls. Did the video fascinate you?

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