BTS: RM Wallpapers you need on your cell phone


RM has become one of the most wanted BTS guys on Pinterest; here we leave you a top 5 of their wallpapers.

If you are part of the ARMY, you cannot deny that at some point you have put one of the BTS members as a wallpaper on your cell phone. So if you are one of those who prefer RM, here we leave you five options for you to put as your screen wallpaper on your mobile or as a background for WhatsApp conversations.

Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM, is one of the favorite members of BTS since in all the interviews he presents himself as the group’s translator since he is the only one who dominates the English language 100% so he usually translates to their peers and also speak for them and explain to them when they do not understand.


Rm has also gone through different look changes, his hair has changed color many times, currently it has an electric blue that his fans love and that combined perfectly with the Dynamite video. Previously I had already used from white, purple and basic like black and brown.

On the other hand, RM fans also like his taste for fashion and how good he looks with all the outfits he uses. From sweaters, jackets, belts, pants or jackets, every time a member of BTS shows off a garment, they usually fly from department stores despite the fact that they are very expensive clothes.

BTS makes clothing brands sell all their products each time one of them uses their brands in their videos or on a social network.

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Wallpaper RM BTS


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