BTS: RM talks about mental health


Through social networks they released the message that RM made to a fan, who spoke to him about mental health.

RM, in addition to being one of the most adorable idols in the group BTS, also shows his solidarity side to his fans, which is why a recent publication that was released on a portal caught the attention of the 26-year-old South Korean leader .

And it is that, everything arose from the celebration of Youth Day that took place a few days ago, due to such an important date, the South Korean group has had various activities to interact with young Koreans, but a message caused a great impact the rapper.

Through the application of Weverse, a girl steeled herself and shared an emotional message addressed to the K-Pop group BTS, the young woman decided to express some emotional words, as he spoke about his mental health, so RM decided to respond.

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RM shares a message about mental health

A girl decided to turn to BTS idols to reveal the situations he has been living in his life, the young woman commented on the mental health he is in, explaining to the members that he decided to share an emotional letter because for his they are family .

The leader of the South Korean boy band commented that sometimes it is very difficult to solve all kinds of problems, but when he realizes that things are too hard, he thinks about his family and the people he loves, so he does not take it for granted. beaten to overcome any obstacle.

In the same way, some fans also shared emotional messages for the girl, as they liked the words that BTS’s RM wrote to his, who shared what he thinks about mental health, the idol suggested that you always have to stay strong in order to continue flying together .

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