BTS: RM reveals who inspired him to love himself (VIDEO)


Through social media, the ARMY recalled one of the most adorable moments that BTS leader RM starred in.

The group BTS has positioned itself as one of the most successful K-Pop groups of the moment, in addition to the great talent that idols have as singers and dancers, there is an idol that melts the hearts of the ARMY, as RM the leader of the group , he’s quite such a lovable boy.

Diverse fans enjoy sharing unforgettable moments that the rapper has starred in, so in a recent publication, they chose to remember one of the concerts that the boy band performed, where the emotional words of the South Korean singer moved the followers.

And it is that the idol of the K-Pop group BTS, has been characterized as one of the members who enjoys sharing emotional words to the ARMY, for which the singer has been grateful at all times for the support they have always given him since it began. his dream of being part of the band.

BTS’s RM shares an adorable message

In that video that was shared by a Twitter account dedicated to the achievements, work and activities of the rapper of the group BTS, you can see the emotional words that the singer mentioned to his followers, during one of the concerts that the group had .

“They inspired me on how to love myself.” Commented.

The idol of the successful South Korean group has been very attentive and affectionate with the ARMY, and that is why in each concert he dedicates an inspiring message to each of them, because thanks to his followers, the boy band has achieved various recognitions in the music industry.

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Those words made by the member of the band BTS, caused various reactions from users, the video has obtained more than 18 thousand views, so every time RM shares a message for the ARMY, his fans are driven crazy by his comments.


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