BTS: RM reveals that he visited an art gallery in Seoul


RM, the idol of K-Pop group BTS, caused a sensation on social media by revealing that he visited an art gallery in Seoul.

Namjoon known as RM, is the most charismatic leader of the South Korean group BTS, so his loyal fans have been aware of the occurrences of his favorite idol, as well as the places he has visited lately, following the security measures by the pandemic.

Every ARMY knows that the rapper of the K-Pop group loves to enjoy a day in an art gallery, for this reason it was revealed through social networks that the singer attended an exhibition of the artist Kim Tschang Yeul at the Hyundai Gallery , his fans were fascinated.

RM of the South Korean group, attended the gallery that is located in the city of Seoul, as that was how he became known because the singer dedicated a special letter to the artist, after having enjoyed the exhibition called “The road.”

BTS’s RM visited an art gallery in Seoul

Through social networks, they released the emotional letter that the 26-year-old rapper dedicated to the painter Kim Tschang Yeul, as the idol was fascinated by the paintings, as he admires the work of each art exhibition that he has visited.

“I hope he stays healthy, I admire him.” The singer commented.

The BTS member thanked the artist for giving him a lot of inspiration and filling him with good energy, as the extraordinary work of the South Korean painter impacted the idol of the K-Pop group, so he chose to write a letter, which was delivered to the artist by those in charge from the gallery.

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