BTS: RM reveals one of his fears to a K-Pop group idol


BTS leader RM was surprised by the abilities that one of the group’s idols has, but what did he do?

The boys of the group BTS enjoy entertaining the ARMY with their occurrences, although the most fascinating thing they have seen is the abilities of each of the idols of the K-Pop group, and it is that, in a publication, it was revealed what the leader RM would not want to do.

Since the successful South Korean band was formed, the members have made known to their fans their different personalities and what they like to do in their spare time, but when they are rehearsing on stage, there are certain things that some would not do.

Through a social Twitter account that is dedicated to the idols of the K-Pop group BTS, it was announced that rapper RM and V were talking about the ability Jungkook has when he flies on stage, as the idol left hit the ARMY.

RM reveals what he wouldn’t do on stage

The leader of the boy band BTS asked V if he would dare to do what Jungkook does in the air, the idol mentioned that he could not do it, although he commented that his partner makes it fascinating, but RM’s reaction caused a furor in the networks.

The 26-year-old rapper confessed to V that he can’t do it because he’s scared, but he was very impressed by the ability that idol Jungkook has on the air, as each idol in the South Korean group has different abilities.

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BTS’s RM admires the great talent of each of the members of the K-Pop band, although what he would never do on stage is fly like Jungkook does, but we have no doubt that the leader of the group has other abilities who have enjoyed the ARMY.


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