BTS RM Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The “not yet arrived” Rapper?


Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage name RM, achieved worldwide popularity after debuting as the main rapper and leader of the seven-member male group BTS in June 2013. A couple of years after his debut in the band, RM became one of the most productive and influential musicians in the industry.

Since his debut, RM has been active both as a BTS member and in his own activities. Considering that RM has been working in the industry for more than nine years, how rich has the rapper “Still Ahead” become?

Are you interested in his condition? Read on to find out!

Net Worth of BTS RM 2022

According to one media outlet, this year the fortune of the BTS leader is estimated at about 28 million US dollars. However, his net worth may grow to $30 million.

RM’s estimated net worth did not come as a surprise, given the huge popularity he and BTS have gained over the years, as well as the loyal and loyal fan base they have formed with him.

But with a 28-year-old’s income of over $28 million, is RM the richest member among his fellow BTS members? The answer is no, since this title belongs to his BTS colleague, rapper J-Hope, and RM ranks third among the richest in the group.

At the same time, how did RM earn such a net amount?

How did RM earn its own capital?

Most of RM’s wealth came from his income as a member of BTS, through the group’s profits from their music releases, promotions and official merchandise. In addition, RM also earned a lot from the band’s on-air performances and advertising contracts.

In fact, since BTS have become a global sensation, in addition to their huge influence and brand strength around the world, they are in great demand from companies, which makes their appearance and talent fees high in proportion to their excellent reputation.

Not only that, but the group as a whole, the net worth of BTS is over 100 million USD, and the base salary of RM is 8 million USD. In addition, RM has invested 68,000 shares in HYBE, which is said to be already valued at more than $16 million. This alone amounts to RM’s net worth of US$ 24 million, excluding its income from other sources.

When it comes to music, RM receives royalties as a writer, composer and producer for more than a hundred songs credited by the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). This includes songs he has written for BTS and other artists such as TXT, GLAM, Homme, Steve Aoki and others.


In fact, RM has over 200 songs recorded under his name, making him the youngest and second most popular musician in the association.

RM has also released his own music, such as the mixtapes “RM” and “Mono”, released in 2015 and 2018 respectively. He has also collaborated with many artists such as Wale and Warren G and participated in songs by other artists including Fall Out Boy, Lil Nas X, Honne, Gaeko, MFBTY and others.

In addition to his on-air appearances with BTS, RM has also appeared on other shows on his own. Some of the shows he has appeared in without his mates include “Problem Men” and “Running Man.” He has also hosted music shows such as Inkigayo, M Countdown and even KCON New York.

It was recently reported that RM is going to release a new album on November 25. It was also confirmed that he will become an actor of the show “Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”. With its upcoming release and appearance, it is likely that its net worth will increase.


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