BTS: RM has a huge fan of the Stray Kids group Adorable!


Through social media, one of the Stray Kids idols shared an adorable message about BTS’s RM.

The boy band BTS have been an example to follow of the different K-Pop groups, because in addition to their great vocal talent, they have also shared various inspiring messages to the ARMY and have shown their altruistic side, so one of the members of Stray Kids spoke about it.

Singer Bang Chan decided to share with his admirers, the great admiration he feels for the leader RM, in the same way he revealed one of the favorite songs that fascinates him about the rapper, because the member has great respect for the South Korean dancer.

The K-Pop band BTS has been one of the most influential groups of the moment, so various artists have been inspired by them, Korean singers always respect the great work of their other colleagues, as Bang Chan made it known about RM.

RM has a huge fan of a South Korean group

The Stray Kids singer made known what he thought of RM through a live video, where he left his followers in awe by confessing that he admires rapper Namjoon. The leader commented through the chat with STAY, that he admires RM and commented that they have things in common.

The leader of the group BTS is one of the idols who has managed to inspire the ARMY, as well as various artists from different K-Pop groups, as Christopher Chan mentioned that RM has an incredible personality, is intelligent and very cool, he even revealed who is one of the best leaders.

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During the video, the South Korean singer caused a furor on social networks by sharing one of BTS’s RM songs, as he mentioned that “Seoul” is one of his favorite songs, as he expressed that his colleague is one of his role models.


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