BTS: RM gives Jungkook the best birthday greeting


RM gave one of the best birthday wishes to his fellow BTS member Jungkook.

The morning of August 31st became a very special date for BTS and their entire fandom, as their song “Dynamite” reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, which became the perfect gift for Jungkook at his 22nd birthday.

The friendship between the members of the South Korean band is worthy of envy, since on several occasions they have shown to have strong ties of affection between them, that is why you cannot expect less from the birthday greetings between the members of the famous band. of K-Pop.

However, the news of his arrival at the peak of popularity on Billboard, made for a moment the entire fandom forgot that Jungkook’s birthday was just around the corner, and that winning that position meant a lot to him. famous idols since the beginning of their careers.

RM wishes Jungkook happy birthday

In previous years, Rap Monster stated that bangtan boys thought that if they worked really hard, they would make the Hot100 one day and the news of having achieved that goal made the singers too emotional, who shared their excitement on weverse.

Namjoon did not miss the opportunity to dedicate a tender message to his partner, to whom he told that he could not have had a better birthday present and that he could not be happier to go through these moments with people like him.

Also, he commented that he would go to sleep and that he loves ARMY. In the same social network, Jin said that he was excited and that Jungkook had received a great gift, making it clear that his friend deserved that and much more.

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This type of behind-the-scenes moments offers a very panorama of BTS that can rarely be observed, well, it shares how it is that in such professional moments, also, the members of BTS find lapses to enjoy their friendship.

What do you think was the best birthday greeting for Jungkook? What do you think of RM’s tender message for ARMY?


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