BTS: RM, find out what you did when you saw a cute frog!


The leader RM of the BTS group is fascinated by nature, they have even revealed what he likes to do when he sees frogs.

South Korean rapper RM of the BTS group, is one of the most charismatic idols, even when he is not on stage with his other companions, one of the things he loves to do the most is enjoy nature, because he likes to have a moment of peace and tranquility.

Although the occasions that he has enjoyed his walks in the open air, on certain occasions he meets frogs, and it is that although some people are scared by the presence of an amphibian, the idol of the boy band does the opposite it fascinates him to touch them.

In a Twitter account that is dedicated to the South Korean rapper of the group BTS, you can see what he does when he meets a frog, so the reaction of the ARMY did not wait. The video garnered thousands of views from watching his favorite idol.

BTS’s RM loves catching frogs

The member of the K-Pop band has shared several adorable moments in some chapters of In The Soop, because in addition to publicizing the activities he does with other idols, he has also shown that he is a boy who likes to take care of nature .

RM of the South Korean band, has shown that he is a protective person both with the idols of the group, his family, and of course of nature, so the ARMY gets excited every time they discover what the leader does, because it is such a lovely boy.

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The rapper of the BTS band is one of the idols who has starred in adorable moments on social networks, that video they shared on Twitter, left thousands of users captivated, as they could see what their favorite idol does on his walks to the fresh air. Did you like the video?


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